Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cornnnnn Breath

It seems that eating corn has an effect on David's ability to breathe. It's an interesting effect that David is deciding is in fact occurring. Watching and avoiding corn intake has become that much more imperative. Seemingly his allergy symptoms to corn are getting worse, not better. We had hoped that it may be something that passes but probably not with the corn, at least.

Other than that, the allergies are getting more manageable. David's learning to be more assertive when asking about items on menus and avoiding the things he knows will make him sick.

We went to a Whole Foods last night. While we had shopped them before in other states this was our first time in one for quite some time. It's amazing. All of the case meats were labeled with exact ingredients. Not just "spices" but "spices (fennel, garlic, onion powder)". This is a store that is a breath of fresh air for both of us. We didn't find anything that had tricky labels or hidden ingredients. They have a reputation of being a high cost grocery, but in reality they were very competitive with the grocery stores that I typically shop. Especially because I am already purchasing quite a bit of organic and natural foods. (THANK YOU PILS* on behalf of David for the generous gift card. He had such a good time buying things like sausage and hot dog buns and other things he loves to eat but we can't find anywhere else.) Our only problem with WF is that they are soooo far away (an hour). Hopefully they will put one in that's closer so we can shop there more frequently.

*PILS: parent in laws