Thursday, November 18, 2010

Corn Sick

Last weekend David got home early and popped his head in our bathroom - where I was scrubbing down our shower with a really powerful mold killing product....

(I don't like using it but living in the Houston area it's got to be done at least once a month or the mildew takes over the shower in the worst way - it doesn't matter what I scrub with or how often in between my once a month mold & mildew scrubbing.)

I had the exhaust fan above the shower on and the window by the shower all the way open b/c that stuff isn't good for anyone. David still got sick from popping his head in. Grrr.

Yesterday he came home from work sick. Someone had popped popcorn. So aggravating.

I wish he wasn't so sensitive. The peanuts & soy are so much easier to deal with. I keep a small jar of peanut butter in the fridge in fact and eat it w/apples or on sandwhiches (hey, PB is waaaay cheaper than almond or cashew or any other nut butter, store bought or home made) and it never bothers him. I don't keep anything with corn in it though.

A delightful discovery: David can have Horizon Organic Egg Nog. Hmmm........ it's corn free and delicious.

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