Saturday, March 27, 2010

Safe Foods

Here's a new list of safe foods. I still check the labels almost every time I purchase these things - just to be certain - but at least I can find them quickly now.

  • HEB Central Market sea salt potato chips
  • Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese (blue box, regular only)
  • Oscar Meyer Natural pre-sliced turkey breast
  • Breyers ice cream (strawberry, coffee, regular vanilla (NO other vanillas), chocolate)
  • Hagandaz ice cream (Most of the FIVE ingredient ice creams are safe!!)
  • Most block cheeses (but NOT reduced fat unless sometimes if it's made with 2% milk) and some "natural" sliced cheeses
  • Whole Foods has chocolate candy bars that are made w/o soy!!!!
updated 12.15.2010

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