Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toothpaste and Contact Solution


We have been looking for corn free products. It's quite difficult. Tom's of Maine clearly explains on the package of some of their products where each ingredient is derived from. One has to be very careful though reading labels because not all of the toothpastes have even the same basic ingredients. I did NOT call or contact this company. We purchased this product solely based on label reading and product transparency. I think the taste of this product is comparable or better than the leading brands. It also seems to leave ones breath fresh and clean comparable or better than the leading brands.

Contact solution is a much bigger deal. You stick the product in your eye which is an entry point for germs and infection. So sticking corn in one's eye when one is allergic can be quite traumatic. Toothpaste can be absorbed through the gums while brushing but it's not actually consumed, it is spit into the sink and one typically rinses their mouth with water after brushing. Not so with contact solution. One loads up the lens with it and plants it in their eye for the day. I called the 1-800 number on the box while standing in Target. The representative I reached was very kind and said that while she didn't have the information she would take my number and return my call. After about 4 days of no response I had given up on hearing from Bausch & Lomb about Bio true. She called Tuesday morning and left a detailed message saying that she had confirmation from: the product manager, one of the Doctors on the product and a chemist on the product that there was NO corn used in the making of this contact lens solution. Yea for David!! I wasn't even upset about paying full price. (I'm obsessive about getting the best deals and coupon clipping and bargain hunting.) If one fills out the survey HERE - one can get a $2 coupon to try this product. There is supposed to be a travel size (2oz) but I have not yet found anything other than the size pictured. NOTE: This solution is for soft contact products. David wears soft contacts so he can use this product. I wear rigid gas permeable and this product is NOT recommended for hard contact lenses.... although I think I might just be the only one left wearing hard contacts....

DISCLOSURE: I paid with our hard earned money, full price for both of the items. There was no compensation from either company, I am just really happy about finding corn free products I don't have to make myself. I have however, since printed an online coupon for Bio true that I found on my own time and of my own volition.


  1. thank you for the Bio True information! My eyes have been so irritated and Bio True has chanced my life !!!!! I WAS GOING TO GIVE UP WEARING LENSES.

  2. Thank you so much! I just got contacts and my head feel like it is going to explode. I started checking the ingredients and BAM sorbidol. I've found dr's do not usualy believe you when you tell them things have corn in them. I do not mind paying full price to feel good!

  3. We're happy to help! We are blatently real here, because it is so difficult to figure out a new allergy! And we are always finding new products to avoid! Good luck managing your allergy! You're your best advocate!

  4. Wow! I am going into week two with new contacts. I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why my eyes felt so irritated and itchy. Two co-workers asked if I had been crying. I tried to keep the contacts in as instructed, but couldn't wait to get home from work so I could take them out! My head hurt and eyes itched all day. Something told me to read the box of my contact solution. There it was...SORBITOL. A corn derivative. My worst enemy! Thank you for sharing this product with me! I was about to give up on the contacts before could get started good.

  5. Thanks for posting. I'm running out of my stash of AOSEPT (which has been discontinued) and thought I was going to have to give up wearing contacts. My eye dr gave me a sample of Biotrue to try, hopefully it works.! I heard they have a good price of the Biotrue at Costco.