Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on Food Combining

It has now been about 2 weeks of our food combining attempt. I have read more books and information online. We continue to food combine about 90% of the time.

Yesterday Hubs brought home a Greek plate which was NOT properly food combined and we ate most of it and loved it and only once said something about the bad combination. Think moderation in everything. We'll see how we feel today. Oddly enough after a heartburn free day, David had a bit after dinner. This could be from one of two things OTHER than improper food combining:
The food was packaged in Styrofoam - can it be made with corn??? Probably but I haven't checked.
Inside one of the packages (it took 4 to contain this plate intended for one person, one meal, but we both had dinner last night and David had left overs for lunch today) was a fýllo wrapped cheese item. It is nearly impossible to find fýllo that is Corn Free. I have looked. A lot. We picked out what we saw that had transferred but most likely, this is the culprit. They are delicious little cheese pastries but we would have requested it be left out or packed separately had we been paying attention.

Ah well such is the life. This Greek restaurant makes delicious food and we have only had a problem with corn when we order something with fýllo. Which is easy enough to avoid when one remembers.....


Since food combining I have more regular BM's. When one's digestive system is working correctly one should have about one BM per meal (snacks not included) per day. So the average person should be having about 3 per day. When we had corn in our diet I was good if I had one every other day. We eliminated corn from our diet and what do you know about one BM a day for me (and I am NOT allergic to corn - just Hubs). With food combining, I have a BM as one is supposed to when digestion is running smoothly.

While talking about the waste a body produces isn't "proper" conversation it does indicate a lot about how one's body is working and what one is consuming. And not just BM's, tinkle too. =)

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