Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wifey's allergies

In June of 2009 we discovered David had a severe allergy to corn and allergies to peanut and soy as well. I've been contemplating getting myself tested since then thinking I might have an allergy to wheat but hoping it was only in my head. After a year and a half or so of food managing we have David's allergies in control but I've been feeling crummier and crummier.

Symptoms (because let's be honest this is the stuff everyone wants to know):
Nausea - a lot of it: after eating, before/after eliminating waste (BM's, Poop - whatever you call it)
Abdominal cramping - usually after eating
Gas - sometimes it just sits in my gut, sometimes it passes and sometimes it has no smell and sometimes it's clear the room something died horrible
Inability to loose/difficulty maintaining weight - My weight has fluctuated a lot in the last 18 months and I've struggled especially in the last 6-9 months to reach my goal weight. Prior to marriage (6 years) I've had very little difficulty maintaining weight and if it started to creep up I'd count calories for a week or two to readjust my concept of healthy portions. Despite counting calories (weighing & measuring everything I eat/drink) my weight has not changed - I'm at the high end of healthy for my height - I'm hoping once I eliminate the wheat I'll get back down to lower-mid healthy weight
Itchy bottom - a sure sign of food allergies if unrelated to hemorrhoids or yeast infection but I dismissed it as having to use cheap, scratchy toilet paper b/c it was the only corn free stuff. Hey, I was in denial loosing wheat is going to be tough on my love of baking.
Fatigue - my lack of energy has been obnoxious
Foggy brain - Not sure how else to describe this but my mind feels a little sluggish and bogged down. I attributed this to being out of school since May and not really challenging myself mentally but now I believe it's related to the wheat allergy in particular.
Bloating - I have been carrying water weight that makes me uncomfortable all the time

Since the discovery of David's allergy to corn & soy we have gone to 100% wheat for a lot of things such as pastas, cereals, flours, breads and so on. This is probably why over the last 18 months and especially the last 6 or 9 I've been miserable. I asked David if he thought something was wrong with me. He said "Yeah, but I'm not as observant or in tune as you are." I was hoping he'd be able to pin point symptoms for me as I'd done for him. I think over the next few months as I start to feel better I'll be able to pin point additional symptoms or indications that I handily dismissed.

I'm not really even upset about the beef. I'll miss steaks but I can do with out, we don't eat them that often anyway. It's the wheat that's going to be a pain.

I'm REALLY looking forward to feeling well again. I can't wait to experience a day or two without gut pain or nausea. And to stop retaining water and all of the other indications to fade away.

I'm thankful that I'm uniquely equipped to handle this food allergy because I've learned over the last 18 months while helping David manage his allergies.

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