Friday, June 25, 2010

Plastic (be)ware

The culprit of David's on going work day reaction is what we were packing his lunch in. That's right my handy-dandy Tupperware collection. And did I ever have a nice collection. Bummer. I had suspected this might be the cause but was hoping - and looking - for another explanation.

Corn is heavily subsidized by, well if you pay taxes, you and I. Corn is used in the production of M.A.N.Y. things:
  • Adhesives on envelopes
  • Construction materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • The mining, oil and gas drilling industries also use corn starches in their processes
  • Plastics
The above is a partial list. It's a tad scary the amount of corn and corn products or derivatives out there.

David's sensitivity is increasing. We've used the Tupperware from the beginning of his allergy discovery and only in the last few weeks has it caused a reaction. It seems that the primary cause is heating up food in the plastic containers. This week he's been heating up food in glass ware (think we've been packing food in glass bowls and serving dishes) and he's had minimal reaction, most likely from the assault his body faced Monday and Tuesday before I suggested it was plastic containers.

I've packed up the bulk of my plastic containers. A sad day for me. What's a girl to do without a horde of plastic containers and lids taking up most of a small cupboard?

I got online and ordered a set of glass ware with lids. (Thanks SIL for the gift card from graduation it was put to good use.) Until they arrive we're packing food in glass cereal bowls and glass serving dishes. It works. David's body is healing from the latest attacks and we're thankful he's not epi-pen allergic like many of the other corn allergy suffers out there.

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