Monday, June 28, 2010

Tested & Failed

Items that David has used or been exposed to and has had a CORN ALLERGY reaction to & ingredient we believe that caused reaction:

Aleve caplets - Microcrystaline cellulose
Zantac 150 - Microcrystaline cellulose & Hypromellose
Tupperware - Plastics are made w/corn (not just name brand, all plastic food storage containers and reactions occur especially when hot food is involved)
Concrete sealant - Latex is made w/corn (this is particularly dangerous as fumes are inhaled causing shortness of breath)
Baking Extracts - Alcohol is present in nearly all extracts, corn syrup in most
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste - (I received a phone call from a company rep. and yes the sorbitol in their product is derived from corn starch. Bummer we liked that toothpaste, we are on to one made by Tom's of Maine.)
Envelop sealant - the kind that you "Lick to stick" are all made with corn
Painters Blue Tape - adhesives often contain corn derived products
Wood floor glue - we glued our bamboo flooring to our concrete sub flooring. This product caused huge reaction. David slept at the neighbors house for several days until the fumes cleared.
Paper-towels - when used in microwave with food to "prevent splatter"
Foot aerosol spray - We don't use any aerosol products in our house anymore but David walked through the garage in his friends home. His friend had just sprayed his boots and David was sick almost immediately.
The MICROWAVE at work - There are so many corn products being heated in the microwave in the employee kitchen at work David gets sick each time he uses it. He has stopped using it. He is tired of sandwiches and cold lunches but he doesn't get sick every day anymore.
Plastic water bottles - Corn is used in plastic bottles. The only plastic bottled water that David can drink is Fiji Water which is in a plastic bottle but he's never had a reaction to. We have replaced all our reusable water bottles with stainless steel and glass.

(This list was updated on: 10.14.2010)


  1. Have you seen the corn-free food list? It has several medicines listed as corn-free, but I've never tried any of them.

    We rely on compounded ibuprofen. My dentist wrote a prescription and I worked with the compound pharmacist to get a formula that was completely corn-free. It was a lot of trouble and took longer than a normal Rx so I keep it on hand. It would be a nightmare trying to get that done while one of us was suffering from pain.

  2. I have seen this list. Aleve product and an Advil product were listed. David has had reactions to both. Thanks for the link though!