Sunday, July 19, 2009



*1 Cup granulated sugar
*3/4 Cup butter, melted
*2 Tbsp water
*2 large eggs
*2 tsp vanilla^
*11/3 Cups flour
*3/4 Cup Nestle Toll House Baking Cocoa (it's a "safe" brand for David's allergies)
*1/2 tsp Cream of Tarter
*1/4 tsp Baking Soda

^Make sure it is corn free.^

Preheat oven 350

Mix sugar, butter and water in large bowl. Stir in eggs and vanilla extract. Mix in baking soda and cream of tarter. Mix in cocoa thoroughly, then the flour.

Bake about 18 mins - the center should still be a little soft.

These brownies are more cake like in texture than the typical store bought mixes but they are safe for David to eat. Safe chocolate chips are quite pricey so I have been making these instead of chocolate chip cookies.

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